Foxy & Jet:
Just A Hot, Barking Pomeranian Mess

– By Jon Wedemeyer
June 13, 2018


DATE: 12/4/15

Name of the dog(s): Foxy and Jet Stosberg NO. OF VISITS TO DATE: 1

Foxy and Jet presented with mildly problematic issues including; moderate to heavy barking at certain times by both dogs, occasional mild to moderate aggressive signals by Foxy towards Jet, occasional fear and reactivity towards other dogs by Foxy, occasional accidents inside by Foxy and some stress shown by Jet.

Foxy and Jet are both bright, playful, affectionate and responsive to commands. Owners are very responsible and interact with both dogs very well. Both dogs are comfortable in the home and essentially well-balanced behaviorally aside from the issues outlined.

Foxy has been in the home for 12 years, while Jet only a few months but they have bonded and get along very well. Jet came to the home with barking issues and Foxy has now adopted this behavior, where she had only barked at certain times before. This behavior is most problematic when people enter and leave the home, or when one dog starts up and they both start barking excessively. A treatment plan is outlined below for this.

Foxy has adjusted very well to having another dog in the house, especially a much younger dog, but will occasionally exhibit either territorial or guarding behavior in the form of growling and posturing. Jet reacts to this by submitting and does not challenge it, but exhibits signs of mild stress. This needs to be explored more, but an initial treatment plan is outlined below for this.

Foxy was attacked and severely injured by another dog and shows some dog-selective, fear-aggression while outside, most likely because of this incident. She also has had several accidents inside which need to be explored more, but an initial treatment plan is outlined below for both.

Overall both dogs show no other behavioral issues of any concern, are very well-behaved and wonderful companions. I feel as time goes by they will both adjust to each other well and we will be able to get the barking and others issues under control.

– When the barking behavior occurs, turn your back on the dog(s) and ignore or walk away. Keep turning your back on them when they bark. Try not to associate any other response whatsoever, to the barking. The idea here, is to reject the barking behavior and give them nothing to gain from the barking.
– They need to learn that the barking will not lead to any other response from you. If necessary, remove yourself from the room when the barking starts, then return as soon as it stops. Repeat this whenever the barking starts up again. You are their most highly-valued possession, the idea here, is to take you away from them as a result of the barking and return you when it stops.
– When entering or leaving the house, do so as quickly as possible to eliminate the amount of time they will bark. The idea here is to make it less of an “event” for them and give them no real excitement out of the process.
– When Foxy shows aggression towards Jet, give her a calm but firm, “eh-eh”. Do not sound angry or concerned, just firm. The idea here is to let her know it is simply bad manners to act this way.
– When Foxy is showing fear outside, try to gauge how far away it begins and keep her that far away from the other dog. This is called her “threshold”. When possible, put yourself between her and the other dog and slowly close the threshold and bring her gradually closer and closer. The idea here is to show her you are in control and will protect her, there is nothing to fear and that nothing bad will happen.
– As far as the accidents inside, please try and note any behavior prior to this happening and if it occurs at any specific time of day or after any other possible trigger. This needs to be explored more for a better assessment.

Please don’t hesitate to call, email or text me with any questions or concerns, and please schedule a follow-up as soon as practical for you. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you!

Jon Wedemeyer

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