It Appears That We Have Had Our Best Friends
With Us Almost Since Day One

By Jon Wedemeyer
April 21, 2023 

This remarkable cave-drawing was recently found by researchers in Saudi Arabia. It depicts a hunter with dogs,
some on leashes and is estimated at 8-10,000 years old. (Photo courtesy Originalpeople.org)

With Us Since The Very Beginning
At best guess, our canine partners have been devoted members of the human family for well over ten thousand years. Evidence suggests they bonded with us shortly after the very dawn of time on Earth, and they have never left our side. We are two entirely different species of animal that have mutually decided to live, grow and evolve together. We have become members of each others “family units” since the very beginning. The bond between humans and dogs really is like no other between two species on Earth.

I feel dogs are an integral part of the complete human experience and they are the most loyal, loving, devoted partners that we ever have in our lifetimes. For these and many other reasons, I have decided to devote my life to dogs and their family units, in order to make their time and experience together as meaningful and as positive as possible.

Aside from bringing a child into a house, bringing a dog into a house is the one thing that truly makes a house a home. Once you have a dog in your home it is filled with an amazing energy and life-force that changes it forever and makes it feel totally different.

But what happens when a pet dog has trouble and develops behavioral problems? That same home can now become filled with stress, and even anger and bitterness toward the poor dog! This is not a situation anyone wants! Dogs with even moderate behavior issues can turn a happy home into an unhappy one and a dog with serious problems can turn it into a nightmare. I truly love dogs and want to help each and every one of them have the most happy, comfortable, joy-filled home and lifetime they can possibly have.

Don't Blame Your Dog - Get Help!
Dogs do not develop behavioral issues out of choice, or because they somehow want to annoy you or make you angry. The last thing in the world a dog really wants is conflict with their human(s) or to make you angry with them. When behavioral issues arise they are usually the result of a specific event or repeated events, or some other underlying cause, either environmental, medical or psychological in nature.

When you call me, the first thing we do is rule in/out any obvious physical/medical cause of your pets problem. I will sometimes recommend a trip to the vet prior to my visit to make sure there are no underlying medical issues.

Your initial consult lasts 1.5 - 2 hrs., during which time we go over known history, establish treatment goals, prioritize the treatment goals, identify any known triggers to the problematic behavior(s) and examine environment. I will teach you everything I know about the behavior(s) we are working on, what I determine is causing them in your dog, what we need to do to treat them and I will teach you HOW to use specific techniques to treat your dog yourself.

Keeping Families Together
My goal with every client is to evaluate the problem(s), determine the cause(s), then educate and train you to work with your dog to bring your family unit together again. There is nothing sadder than a reactive, frightened, stressed, disobedient or unhappy dog... If your dog is having problems I want to help! I do this by educating you and giving you a fuller understanding of what's going on with your dog, why it is behaving the way it is and finally, to give you the training and the tools to resolve the issues by working with your dog yourself.

At the initial consult we will be able to determine if a follow-up visit(s) are needed and plan accordingly. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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