Reactivity, Aggression, Anxiety, Barking, Biting, Fearfulness, Guarding, Jumping, Pulling, House-Training, Recall and Any Other Issues...

In recent years, the entire philosophy and methodology of have undergone fundamental changes, which are thankfully being put into practice by more and more modern dog trainers. From a behavioral standpoint, our understanding of how dogs think has also finally evolved, and the way we relate-to and train our canine companions has now evolved with it. Gone are the days of the "Alpha dog" and "pack leader" mentality and the dominance myth when it comes to how we believe dogs think, and thankfully gone are the days of using archaic, outdated often cruel and painful methods and devices to train dogs.





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Behavioral issues in dogs will present in many different forms and will typically range from harmless but annoying issues, such as barking and house-training problems, to moderate issues such as jumping up and pulling on the leash, to more severe and potentially dangerous issues, such as reactivity, resource guarding, biting, and aggression.


Our pet dogs can develop behavioral issues due to a variety of different reasons and determining the root cause of the behavior(s) is the key to treatment. This process begins at the initial evaluation and consultation where we get a history, set treatment goals, create a treatment plan, and start a training program for you and your pet dog(s).


Once we have identified what's going on, the root cause of the problematic behavior(s), we can design a positive treatment plan to help redirect or even extinguish the behavior(s) altogether. Remember that every dog is different, and every problem is different when it comes to specific treatment and length of treatment time.


Here is a look at the training and classes we offer and the rates for each. All Consults and Training Packages are done in your home. All classes are offered in our Canine Education Center in downtown Gainesville, Florida



To determine the root cause of the problematic behavior(s) we first set up an initial consultation, where we examine the the problem behavior(s), begin work with you and your dog(s) to see where we can get and determine the need for follow-ups. During the consult I develop a treatment plan for you to follow with your dog(s) at home to help control or extinguish the unwanted behavior. $225 in Ocala - Jacksonville

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$270 - $420 - $570

If we determine at the initial consult that your pet dog will need more than one session, we will take the initial consult charge and roll it into a package of training sessions. This enables us to really focus on working specific areas until we have a positive change in behavior and this also allows you to get a much deeper education and training on your dogs specific behavioral issues.

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COVID changed everything and remote consults are a great way to work on your dogs behavioral issues from the convenience of your cellphone or laptop, or when distance is an issue. Pick what time is best and book your consult! We cover all aspects of understanding and working on: Reactivity, Aggression, Anxiety, Barking, Biting, Fearfulness, Guarding, Jumping, Pulling, House-Training, Recall and any other Issues...

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couple-843489_1280Helping Pet Dogs and Their Families Live, Love and Thrive Together
Our canine partners have been devoted members of the human family for tens of thousands of years, and have never left our side. We are two entirely different species that have mutually decided to grow and evolve together and in doing so, humans have made canines full members of our “family” groups since the very beginning of time. I feel dogs are an integral part of a complete human experience, and they are in my opinion, the most loyal, loving and devoted partners that we ever have in our lifetimes. For these and many other reasons, I have decided to devote my life to dogs and their family units, in order to make their time and experience together as meaningful and as positive as possible. [wpi_designer_button id=1748]

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Darrett S. (Leash Aggression)

We had the privilege of having Jon work with our 3 year-old pit mix, George. George is an intelligent and well-mannered dog, but when it comes to walking on the leash out in public, or… MORE> “Darrett S. (Leash Aggression)”

Darrett S.

Roslyn W. (Severe Canine Aggression)

Jon was absolutely amazing!! My pitbull is amazing…but since I was untrained, so was he. I was so afraid I was going to have to get rid of him… even after three years. Jon came… MORE> “Roslyn W. (Severe Canine Aggression)”

Roslyn W.

Kendo S. (Severe Canine Aggression)

Jon, It really was a true blessing when we found you at the flea market. Prior to you coming out and working with us, we had a dog that was very reactive and had actually… MORE> “Kendo S. (Severe Canine Aggression)”

Kendo S.

Corinne T. (Dog-Dog Aggression)

Just had a consult with Jon regarding a couple training and behavior issues with our pack. Watching our pack react to his presence was mesmerizing, and very impressive to say the least. It is truly… MORE> “Corinne T. (Dog-Dog Aggression)”

Corinne T.

Patricia B. (Canine Leash-Work)

Since I’m lazy – here is my review that I posted on Gainesville Business Word of Mouth when someone was asking about trainers to come to their home to work with their puppy. Jon is… MORE> “Patricia B. (Canine Leash-Work)”

Patricia B.

Savy B. (Canine Leash-Work)

We have a 3 year old German Shepherd mix named Cleo. We adopted her in September of 2015. When we brought her home she and our family dog Angel (a 14 year old lab mix)… MORE> “Savy B. (Canine Leash-Work)”

Savy B.

Brandi S. (In-Home Dog-Dog Aggression)

We have two large dogs that we’ve had since puppy stage. After just one visit from Jon, we have already seen major improvements on aggression, pulling on the leash, and jumping. He observes your dog(s)’… MORE> “Brandi S. (In-Home Dog-Dog Aggression)”

Brandi S.

Mark W. (Extreme Dog-Dog Aggression)

We are traveling in a RV. Our one dog has been showing aggression toward other dogs and animals. Jon came out to the campground we were staying and met with us and Harley. After about… MORE> “Mark W. (Extreme Dog-Dog Aggression)”

Mark W.

Gail M. (Dog-Dog Aggression)

We are full-time RV’ers and met Jon at our current campground last Sat. We have a 20 pound rescue dog ‘Freeway’, who has been occasionally aggressive toward other dogs and constant leash pulling. Jon was… MORE> “Gail M. (Dog-Dog Aggression)”

Gail M.

Allison L. (Excessive Barking)

Jon, Speckles has been AMAZING. I had my DIL Lauren come to be a volunteer. She came in and Speckles did bark. Told her Ah Ah and she stopped barking and let Lauren pet her… MORE> “Allison L. (Excessive Barking)”

Allison L.

Moana A. (Dog to Dog Aggression in the Home)

Jon is awesome he helped me bring my crazy crew together so I could keep us together as a family. We are still a work in progress, more me than the dogs. But he is… MORE> “Moana A. (Dog to Dog Aggression in the Home)”

Moana A.

Pam H. (Canine Anti-Social Behavior)

“Oh my God! My pit was anti-social, and I COULDN’T walk him without being dragged down the street….. after working with Jon. …Bailey was a different dog… I loved our walks, meets and greets were… MORE> “Pam H. (Canine Anti-Social Behavior)”

Pam H.

Helpful Tips For Important Canine Issues

dogs-430192_1280Recognizing and Diffusing Aggression
When dogs are displaying playful, play-fighting or rowdy, romping behavior, it is a wonderful experience for them and is needed to keep good socialization skills and mental health. But, as with children playing, laughing can quickly lead to crying or fighting. When growling starts to sound firm, guttural and threatening, whenever top teeth are shown, whenever a dog
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Small-4The Importance Of Mental Stimulation
Getting proper mental stimulation is an extremely important activity for all dogs, as they are highly intelligent, curious animals that can get bored easily when they are not doing something. Many dog breeds need a “job” to do and for these “working” dog breeds especially, they need lots of mental as well as physical stimulation.
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dog-658206_1280Dealing With Canine Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety can be a serious problem in pet dogs that are left alone for even a short period of time and especially in those that are left for long periods of time. The good news is that in most cases, we can successfully treat separation anxiety and get your dog back to a healthier mindset and behaviors when being left alone.
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A Quick Happiness Check-Up For Your Pal
Dogs convey how they are feeling through their body language in much the same way humans do, you just have to know how to read it. Most of the time it is obvious, especially when they are happy and well-adjusted. A happy dog will show its happiness very visibly and clearly, it will exhibit:
- A wagging tail
- Open mouth, smile - tongue hanging out
- Soft or bright eyes
- Ears up or relaxed and set back
- Relaxed, upright posture
- Loose body

But when a dog is feeling uncomfortable, stressed or otherwise unhappy, it will also show this very clearly in its body language. A stressed or unhappy dog will exhibit:
- Stiff, hanging or tucked tail
- Closed mouth, no smile or tongue
- Fixed stare, hard, eyes
- Averted gaze
- Ears flat
- Shrinking or cringing back
- Tense body

If your pal is showing signs of being unhappy for any extended period of time and you can not clearly identify the cause of the problem, it is a good idea to try and get a handle on it as soon as possible. Please give me a call and I will be glad to help you identify the cause and develop a treatment plan to get your best friend wagging its tail again.

.... Making a Difference, One Dog at a Time
Since July, 2014 I have volunteered at the Alachua County Humane Society and more recently the Alachua County Animal Services, working with their un-adoptable rescue dogs. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. I have been able to help many of these stressed out, often untrained, fearful, sometimes aggressive dogs, overcome their behavioral problems and become adoptable, and watched them go on to the have a life they otherwise would not have had.

Shelter Success Stories....
Boone was so fearful, he would just cower in the corner of his kennel and growl when anyone approached. He was totally un-adoptable, had been in the shelter for 6 months and his time unfortunately was up. I advocated and got him moved to a less crowded shelter and worked with him for about a week. Two weeks later, Boonie-Boy was adopted!

Shelby would non-stop jump, mouth and nip all over anyone that tried to take her out, these were the only behaviors she knew. She was totally un-adoptable and her future did not look good. I worked with her for about three weeks and a few weeks later, Shelby-girl was adopted!

Please Volunteer and Always Rescue!
If you love dogs, do yourself a favor and go volunteer at a shelter, any shelter! If you are considering getting a dog - PLEASE ALWAYS RESCUE!!!

achslogoADOPTIONS: 352.373.5855
THRIFT STORE: 352.373.9522
SPAY/NEUTER: 352.376.6647


HELP! My Dog Has Suddenly Changed!
Any time you see a sudden change in your dog's personality or behavior, such as growling or nipping in a dog that never did this, or behaviors like whining, pacing, or any unusual behavior(s) your first step should be to take it to a veterinarian to be examined. Any time you have a sudden-onset of any strange or worrisome behavior in a previously normally-behaving dog, it is a red-flag to go see the vet, as there may be an underlying medical cause of the problem.

Sudden Growling, Nipping or Biting
Dogs in pain will typically try to hide the fact that they are in pain, but when touched on or anywhere near the painful area, they may become reactive and snap or even bite to protect it. If your dog has suddenly become irritable, moody, withdrawn or snaps, nips or bites, these are sure signs for a trip to the vet - before you call me. When a dog has an injured limb, they will limp or favor it and you can clearly see they are in pain and where it hurts.
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Professional Memberships
I am very proud to be a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) and am an authorized Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College (ABC). I am completing my membership in the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).
APDT_Prof_COLOR Pet Professional Guild
Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)

I am available for house calls throughout the North Florida area within a 70 mile radius of Gainesville.
I see clients in Jacksonville one day a week, St. Augustine one day a week and travel as far north as Lake City and as far south as Ocala.

I am available for a comprehensive phone consultation with treatment plan during regular business hours. Please call or email or to set up a time that is good for you.