A Case Of Barking, Lunging, House-training

– By Jon Wedemeyer
June 13, 2018



DATE: 11/15/15

Name of the dog: Nikki Jackson NO. OF VISITS TO DATE: 1

Nikki presented with several issues including; moderate barking and lunging at people and other dogs, pooping inside on the porch area and pulling on the lead. History is incomplete.

Nikki is bright, playful, affectionate and responsive to commands. Owners are very responsible and interact with her very well. She is comfortable in the home, but exhibits mild to moderate fear-aggression, leash-reactivity and pulling on the lead outside the home, she also poops inside the home on the back porch.

Upon taking her for a walk she responded very well to lead-pulling correction, and was responsive to treats to help her stay focused on walking loose. We found a group of landscape workers sitting in a circle taking a break, and were able to desensitize her by slowly walking her up to them and allowing her to get used to them. She barked two times as we approached, but with praise and treats, she stopped and was fine approaching them gradually. She did not bark any more, in fact she actually enjoyed it and was quickly seeking interaction with them. By the end of the walk she was walking fine on the lead with just mild pressure and release corrections and had also been successful in meeting the workers appropriately.

The issue of pooping on the inside patio is I suspect because it appears identical to a patio area outside that she is allowed to poop on.

– Continue to walk as shown, using treats and praise when she is walking loose by your side. Hold a treat in your hand down by your side and let her know it is there, giving it to her occasionally as you walk.
– When coming across other dogs or people while walking, softly praise and treat while she is quiet and does NOT show aggression. When she DOES show aggression, correct her calmly with “eh-eh”, and then praise when she quiets. Try bringing a favorite toy as well to give her as a distraction and redirect, if the treats and praise do not work.
– Always watch her when she is on the back porch and give her an “eh-eh” when you see her getting ready to poop, then take her outside in the grass to go. Give praise immediately while she is doing it, and reward her when she is done.
– Always monitor the number of treats you give and alternate with praise and petting her.
Remember, the idea is always to set her up for success and avoid situations outside where you think she may fail.

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