Savy B. (Canine Leash-Work)

We have a 3 year old German Shepherd mix named Cleo. We adopted her in September of 2015. When we brought her home she and our family dog Angel (a 14 year old lab mix) didn’t get along too well. Cleo figured out real quick who was the boss and it was not her. However, whenever around another dog she gets very anxious and became known to us (through experience) that she is very dog aggressive (small/big). We spent almost $200++ on a trainer (not Jon) for aggression, which didn’t do anything. She had also been to a training class for basic training and jumping up on people when you greeted her. This is where we noticed the aggression got worst working in a group session.

After just one visit from Jon, we saw major improvements on aggression towards other dogs, by introducing her to one of our neighbors 2 labs. He observed Cleo’s behavior, developed a plan, worked with her. It became necessary to have an idea to deal with the aggression because we had family visiting and was bringing their big dog. The only issue now is she still has her aggression to small dogs and is very prey driven, however we can’t keep spending hundreds of dollars on this. She now wears a muzzle most times going out because she is unpredictable on walks.

She is a very sweet caring dog, loves turning over on her back and giving kisses, a very people friendly dog. Jon is very caring and understood exactly what we were dealing with. I would recommended him to anyone with a dog issue.

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