Darrett S. (Leash Aggression)

We had the privilege of having Jon work with our 3 year-old pit mix, George. George is an intelligent and well-mannered dog, but when it comes to walking on the leash out in public, or guests coming over, his excitement takes over and has no control.

Jon was incredibly punctual (10 minutes early), and had a warm personality. Immediately upon arrival he greeted George and calmed him down very quickly. We talked through our challenging points, and realized just how wrong we were in responding to specific behaviors, and that some we were even exacerbating. We then walked George with Jon by his side, showing us the benefits of positive reinforcement.

Off this one session alone we are very pleased with the results we’ve seen. Jon armed us with the knowledge and techniques needed to keep consistent in changing behaviors, and we would recommend him to any dog owner, period.

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