Gail M. (Dog-Dog Aggression)

We are full-time RV’ers and met Jon at our current campground last Sat. We have a 20 pound rescue dog ‘Freeway’, who has been occasionally aggressive toward other dogs and constant leash pulling.

Jon was incredible. He spent time getting to know us and our interactions with Freeway, discussed our situation and solutions and showed us how to control her leash behavior. Several small changes, i.e., NOT using retractable leash, and lavish praise for good behavior, have led to amazing results.

She is prancing by our side and seems much happier. We feel we were good caregivers – we are now heading towards being ‘Great’ caregivers. We are working on the aggression issues, it will take time, but thanks to Jon, we are confident this will improve !

Thank so much Jon!! Freeway is the proud owner of a new leash and vast quantities of small treats….

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