Kendo S. (Severe Canine Aggression)

Jon, It really was a true blessing when we found you at the flea market. Prior to you coming out and working with us, we had a dog that was very reactive and had actually bitten several people. Some of them attempted to sue us, so needless to say, we very much needed your skill and knowledge on how to deal with our dog.

When you came over to evaluate our problem, you took our dog for a walk, took control of the situation and told us we had to take a leadership role with her and had to socialize our dog. She also had 3 new puppies who she was protecting.

Ever since that day you came to visit and work with her, she’s been calm and hasn’t bitten anyone or gone after another dog. We can’t thank you enough for solving a major problem in our life, we were so afraid were were going to lose her. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Kendo and Lynn

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